10 Ways to Leverage LinkedIn to Generate Business

Being a regular user of LinkedIn, I’m disappointed when I see marketers that are not utilizing LinkedIn effectively to share their brand (either business or personal).  If you take the simple and effective actions that I discuss below, you’ll be taking great steps to increase your marketing visibility and success that your competition is not taking…yet.

I recently attended one of MarketingProfs Take 10 webinars called “How to Build Your Reputation at LinkedIn (in a Few Minutes a Week)” which was hosted by Jason Alba.  Most people have a profile on LinkedIn but most people don’t know what to do once they get set up either because they’re overwhelmed with all the options or simply don’t have the time.  Here’s 10 actions he suggested to take that can help you build your reputation that are effective and time efficient.

4 One-Time Actions You Should Take

  1. Enhance your profile.
  2. Modify your settings
  3. Join Groups

6 Ongoing Actions You Should Take

  1. Ask Questions.
  2. Answer Questions.
  3. Start Group Discussions. 
  4. Do An Advanced.
  5. Search for Companies.
  6. Update Your Network Status.

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