European Commission DG Justice | Civil Society Forum on Drugs

(CSF) meets at least once a year and serves as a platform for informal exchanges of views and information between the Commission and civil society organisations.

In 2013, 40 organisations became members (among which Dianova International) of the Civil Society Forum for a two year period and the first plenary meeting took place on 24-25 June.

The Commission’s support is strictly limited to the activities of the Civil Society Forum, and does not extend to any of the participants’ other activities nor shall it be used for other purposes. Should this not be the case, the Commission reserves the right to withdraw participants’ membership at any time.

The overall objective of the CSF is to:

– feed specific grass-roots experience into Commission proposals

– contribute to the work on monitoring the EU Action Plan on Drugs (2013-16) Read full doc

– support the Commission’s work to prepare the new EU drugs policy framework.

Read full Conclusions of the CSF 2013

Take part of this civil society movement!


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