WEF 2012 Talent Mobility Good Practices. Collaboration at the Core of Driving Economic Growth

World Economic Forum 2012 Talent Mobility Good Practices – Collaboration at the Core of Driving Economic Growth.

NGOs and international organizations should (pag 19):
• Recognize the importance of suitable employment for sustainable and equitable economic development, and actively seek the engagement of their constituencies in economic activity.
• Develop a fact-based case for multiple stakeholder collaboration by analysing the impact of current programmes and modelling the potential value of aligning with other interested parties. NGOs that can share such proof points will have an advantage in retaining and attracting donors and in the process earn the needed credibility to lead collaborative initiatives of their own.
• Exploit their ability to bridge the public and private sphere to lead talent mobility efforts. The impartiality of NGOs ideally positions them to play this facilitation role, particularly when public and private priorities and biases may undermine collaborative opportunities.
• Take steps to ensure that networking and collaborative activity do not become a back channel for the pursuit of partners’ private commercial interests.
• Advocate for the individuals impacted by talent mobility practices to ensure that practices are aligned not only with the needs of employers, but also with the needs of individuals and communities.

Read Report: http://www3.weforum.org/docs/WEF_PS_TalentMobility_Report_2012.pdf

Check website WEF: http://www.weforum.org/


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