The Reputational Intelligence Reward

Authenticity can give your company a competitive edge, by William G. Margaritis

It was then, some 10 years ago, that we decided to develop something we call “reputational intelligence” – treating reputation as a valuable business asset distinct from brand, yet complementary to it, and rigorously managing that reputation asset. We are sharing aspects of that experience now because we believe reputational intelligence has become a “must-have” for companies today.

Maximizing the business value of a company’s reputation requires embedding reputational intelligence in the C-suite. Company leaders must have a deep understanding of the power and influence of a company’s emotive behaviors – intangible values embedded in the culture of the company and consistently reflected in the actions of employees. They must also appreciate the ways culture-driven values can instill trust, admiration and respect among stakeholders. When a company is governed with reputational intelligence, these emotive behaviors take their place alongside traditional functional behaviors such as price, quality and convenience.

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